Particularly in this period of pandemic, companies must be attentive to the welcome and successful integration of their new arriving employees or expatriates in Switzerland. With this in mind, and with more than 25 years of listening, understanding and learning from many foreigners, we have just created this unique service offering positive support to your employees and their spouses: Discover your Swiss Integration Journey in One Package!

Two Swiss Specialists offering you an innovative solution for a
complete service package and one point of contact​

What is the Swiss Integration Journey?

Two Swiss Specialists have created an innovative solution to offer a complete service package with one point of contact


  • Get 4 services for 1 price and save cost
  • 1 point of contact
  • Real-Time Work & Life Integration



  • Completely accompany the integration of your collaborators as well as the spouses of your collaborators on their way to success
  • Culture, Language, Social and Professional integration with pleasure and efficiency
  • Provide the best learning experience possible to comply with official permit requirements and ensure continued professional success
  • Map together your best route for your Swiss Integration Journey
  • Provide the best learning experience possible to comply with official permit requirements and ensure your continued professional success


1 contact, 1 Swiss Integration Package

What is unique about the Swiss Integration Journey solution?

We have spent the last 25 years learning what it takes to generate massive success in our industry & now your global mobile staff can be armed with the tools and strategies that we’ve mastered.

It is our vision is to enable the Swiss integration of employees, their families and   companies through innovative and effective solutions for daily life, social solutions and work solutions.

Our mission is to accompany Expats family, employees, spouses to be quicker   integrated in Switzerland.

Ethic is key: we are a member of the United Nations Global Compact and our ethical commitment is equal on the on any level, learners, companies and employees alike

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