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Of the C2You! Team, Mirella was a great, her services went definitely beyond the contract or agreement she is very knowledgeable in this industry, has a vast experience and a lot of network in this region. She understands individual requirement and can adapt personalised recommendations and solution for their career progression. I could almost go to her for any kind of a question and she was always pleasant and responding back even after we finished our regular contract term - would definitely recommend C2You ! to anyone for sure.

It is stressful searching for a job internationally. You step into unknown territory without your current secure and promoting network. You are only armed with your skills, a great attitude and the belief and support of work colleagues. For the rest, you need to search for and secure a job alone. Mirella's personal care was therefore a huge comfort at this time. She makes a genuine and personal connection with you and takes the time to offer new ideas and solutions to one's specific requirements. Her work is precise and professional. She understands the requirements of the Swiss workplace and can offer guidance as to how you can adapt in order to gain your foothold in this unique work environment. I feel relaxed and secure to ask Mirella for help on all job search questions, and have turned to her again and again for input, advice, translation fine points and her personal opinion on matters. I was always responded to with warmth and clarity. I will forever after appreciate and recommend C2You ! and Mirella. March 2020

I am very happy to share my positive experience I had with C2You !, personally with Mirella. I was already searching for a job for 12-13 months in Switzerland, before I got in touch with C2You !. During my training sessions with Mirella, I received a lot of feedback and advice regarding the methodology of job search, networking, constructing my CV and cover letter according to the Swiss standards. After my application documents were revised by C2You, that was the break point, e.g. I started receiving responses from HRs, including interview invitations in person and via phone, as well. This experience really made me realise that it is very important to have a well-structured application material, with using the right vocabulary/keywords for a selected job. Mirella was also helping me with interview preparations and afterwards, when I reached the negotiation stage she also committed her time to advice on that. Finally, when I received the job offer, I think she was happier than me (even though I was also very happy, but she even exceeded my happiness). As being a foreigner in Switzerland, and experiencing the troubles of job searching here, I really recommend the services of C2You, especially to those who are new in the country and having struggles with understanding the Swiss job market. Thank you C2You for your valuable services and always being available for me and my questions.

"Switzerland job market is extremely challenging compared to anywhere else I've been to. There are tons of written and non-written requirements and social norms to succeed in the job search. It's important to ask for help in this particular tough moment. Mirella and her team helped me get through this process, polishing my CV, reviewing my digital footprint, helping with a professional cover letter , explaining what the market and specific companies were looking for and keeping my upbeat spirit in order to find a suitable position in this very very very competitive market." 

Speaking with Mirella was a great help in guiding us, reassuring us and providing answers regarding our job search questions. I would highly recommend the services provided by C2You regardless of which career path you are following or aim to follow

I found great flexibility, and excellent coaching when taking job interviews. I loved the 1:1 interviews sessions 'cause they helped me to improve a lot. Also the DISCOVER test gave me good inputs for interviews. I recommend C2You! 

My name is Caterina. I am Italian and I spent the past 5 years in Scotland working into hospitality industry. I have moved in Lausanne last summer and I have been supported, during my relocation period by Mirella and C2You! Team. Throughout the whole process, Mirella has been organised, resourceful, thoughtful, and constantly available to answer my questions and provide advice. She possesses a rare ability to quickly assess a client’s need and transform that assessment into a “big picture”, with specific and strategic recommendations leading clients to reach their dreams and to develop long term goals. More in specific I have appreciated her business acumen, entrepreneurship and courtesy approach. Mirella is terrific in welcoming you in Switzerland and to guide you into the Swiss culture and etiquette. She is definitely a person that genuinely cares about delivering excellent quality services to all her clients. There is no doubt that the support she provides goes well above and beyond the call of duty.

Moving to CH from another country and settling in is quite an effort. On top of getting used to the new culture and surroundings, searching for a job can become quite challenging, even nerve wrecking. I am very grateful I had the chance to work with C2You! as they guided me and trained me in understanding the Swiss market and they provided constant solid support until I started my professional journey I am currently experiencing. I cannot thank them enough for their positive contribution they had in my life

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