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• Job seeker • Career changer • Entrepreneur • Entry level professional • Mature professional • Executive • Outplaced professional • Women returning to the workforce • Free-lance professional  •  

Assisting you in defining your career goals and provide opportunities you will achieve...

Together with our strategic alliances and Universities, Recruiters, Job Placement Agencies, Companies, Institutes, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) as well as  our former clients we intensify collaboration and nurture our relations in the local job market.
We aim to bridge the gap between our clients and the market. Among others, we are a service provider to the well known International Dual Career Network

How and why our career programs are different:

Boost your productivity

We will arm you with new tools to take action and follow through

You will have On-the-go access to your program wherever whenever

With all your sessions, your goals, the progress and more in one place

Identifies the job that's right for you

Selecting employers and making choices. We provide you with information about companies in the region

Visual Methodology

Explore and re-invent your career

Having a System

For making sure you stay focused and take action, so you get what you really want, get it quick

Success Formula for Career Transitions

Any reason to change your career objectives, we have experience to help you with the most extreme career change targets.

DISCOVER Talent Assessment

Following the proven DISCOVER methodology to know and develop yourself

Industry Know-How

From transportation to tech-industry, Tobacco or NGO, over the years we have acquired considerable experience in any industry.

Do We Deliver Career Support to Anyone?

Anyone who's ready for: a Job Search, a Career Change, Starting Your own business or to be Coached in defining your next step...

Customised Programs

Be optimally prepared to convert your application into a job interview and get the Job Offer, here are some of the support options that we can offer:

Creating and writing content in your CV, Cover letter and LinkedIn profile that bring more interviews

Job lead opportunities for you

Assisting to determine the need to Upskill or Reskill, to find the why and how in "upskilling" or 'reskilling'. .

Get access to key resources

Discover your true strengths and potential and learn how and when to use them

Career Coaching on how to get new career opportunities that fit you

Find local Key Partners and present your message authentically

Define the next step in your career and why

Find out more:

In this list you will only find a small portion of the programs and the practical assistance that we can offer. There is a lot more to discuss.  Book a free meeting without any obligations and find out!

Pick and Mix service

Make the choice that best fits to your needs!

• Perfect Your Job Search Materials • Get To Know Your Strengths • Make a Mini Program • Social Media Self Branding • Up to 25 Services To Choose From • Define Core Activities  • Decide On Your Career Direction • Career Coaching • Get Access To Key Resources •

Workshops and Masterminds

Workshops will give you a quick start towards what you want to achive

• Entrepreneur/self-employment • Interviewing with Practice • CV witing in the age of artificial intelligence • LinkedIn and Social Media Self Branding • 

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