Global Mobile Employee Support Services

Services fitting for all your Global Mobile Employees

• Expatriates • Local Hire/permanent relocation • Local Plus • Flexpatriates • Short-Term Assignments (STA) • Long Term Assignment (LTA) • Business Travellers • International Commuters • Self-Initiated Expatriates (SIE) • Stealth Expatriates •

Dual Career-/ Partner Support Services for your relocating staff

According large proportion of professional publications regarding international assignments fail because transferring partners aren’t able to adapt their career change to the new situation. We are veterans in advising you with the most suitable options for each of your international assignee.

Guaranteed & Measurable Global Leadership Growth

Executing the Global Leader of the Future GLOF (180-360)unique structural assessment developed by Marshall Goldsmith to measure the effectiveness of your leaders operating in an international challenging business environment. Coaching leaders to  lead effectively in unprecedented times and improve business results. 

Measurably producing more effective leaders with Marshall Goldsmith (World number one Executive Coach) Stakeholder Centered Coaching process with guaranteed Leadership Growth will be measured 1-3 times during the coaching engagement, depending on the duration. Promoting and motivating leaders with a system for continuous improvement for themselves and their teams.

For 2020 and BEYOND: go to our page about Mardshall Goldsmith’s coaching and read more about Guaranteed & Measurable Global Leadership Growth

Temporary Housing services

Cross-Cultural Training Services

A must-have for the modern workplace with remote workers, international assignees and business travellers.
Working together with people from different cultures always presents gaps in communication. Training is key and leads to mutual understanding and reduction of existing cultural biases.

Specifically designed trainings or workshops to help your staff understand cultural norms and practices of the host country (Swiss or other).

Separating Staff (Outplacement) Support Services

Living up to the promise of providing an exceptional employee experience, even after separation. Assisting  your former staff in defining new career goals leading to opportunities which are achievable! Utilizing the most advanced techniques for assessment and career coaching.

(Early) Retirement Support Services

Enhance the employee experience and offer clarity to living a Multi-Stage Life with two or three different career paths. Guiding and supporting Career Changers after 55, acquire new knowledge, exploring new ways of thinking and seeing the world in a different perspective, meanwhile building new networks.

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We have the expert staff as well as the processes and systems to support our clients ​


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Going the extra mile is common practice
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