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Our registration as a Certified Placement Agency

What does it mean?

In order to ensure a safe and stable working environment in the Swiss Confederation of Cantons, there are strict federal rules as to how, when and where employees are placed. Futhermore, any professional assistance in the placement of employees in open positions in the employment market is regulated and limited to approved placement agencies to ensure professional assessment and placement of persons.

The rules have been laid down in the federal law and there is a federal agency to audit the behavior of approved agencies and to sanction any deviations from the legally required behavior.

About SECO

SECO is the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs. In other words: the confederation's competence centre for all core issues relating to economic policy. One of the economic policies being employment in its broadest perspective. For this reason it is only an accredited company that is allowed to negotiate employment-positions and /or employ persons in any Swiss company.

Our Certification

C2You! is a fully certified placement agent. We have the permission to place any person in any profession (except Sports, Au Pair or Artistic professions) for a position in the Swiss confederation. Placement includes seeking out and selecting possible parties to a contract in Switzerland and/or any cross-border employment.


Employers and employees should be able to benefit from growth-oriented policies, the removal of barriers to trade, and the reduction of Switzerland's relatively high prices. On the domestic front, SECO acts as an interface between business, social partners and government. It supports the regionally and structurally balanced development of the economy and ensures the protection of employees. Through its labour market policy, it contributes to the prevention and tackling of unemployment and consequently to upholding social peace.


The Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) affiliated to SECO is responsible for all accreditations in regulated and non-regulated fields.

• C2You! is a SECO certified placement and staffing agency
• For more information please contact us