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Before, during and after relocating to a new country our clients have a need to know  more about the local job market


We are experts in the local Swiss and International markets

Our expertise comes from our backgrounds and professions in Global Mobility, Strategic Management, Business Development,, Human Resources, Marketing, Communication and Sales


Over the years we have acquired experience in various industries ie:

Airline, Automotive,Chemical, Computer, Consumer, Food, IT, Leisure, Media, Medical Technology, Mining, Petroleum, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate,Services, Retail, Shipping, Sports, Textile, Tobacco, Trading, Transport


We nurture a strong relationship with: 

– Recruitment agencies

– Local Professionals

– Local and European Partners

– Multinational companies

– Our former clients with whom we have created a referral network for jobs for our current clients


We offer customized programs, modular sessions, remote support, online services and workshops


Services may include:


– Preparing your Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter to get noticed by the employer and secure an interview

– Completing Application Forms, including Competency-based application forms

– Preparing for Interview – question and answers – including competency-based interviews

– Carrying out Psychometric/Occupational Profiling to ascertain career interests with feedback

– Advising on Paths to Education, courses for "up-skilling" to enhance existing skillset

– Career Coaching on utilising your existing skills and transferring them to new career opportunities

– Actual Job offers

– Employment Search Services

– Career planning and enhancement Services

– Career Modelling with Business Model You

– Career Transition Services

– Leadership development