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By partnering with C2You! for your recruitment and selection needs, you will benefit from our experience of conducting assessments and finding candidates that fit your company culture. You will also be given the opportunitiy to advertise to our talent pool of experienced professionals in Marketing, HR, Finance, Business development and many other areas.

  1. Advertising Posts and Sourcing candidates through various channels
  2. CV screening and shortlisting.
  3. Liaising with Agencies (if used)
  4. Carrying out psychometric profiling (Aptitude, Personality, Emotional Intelligence)
  5. Competency based Interviewing
  6. Reference checking
  7. CLIENT: Optional in-house interview of 2 or 3 candidates

Optionally your organisation may decide on the level of service you require.


  1. Maximum C2You! Involvement; Step 1-7
  2. Client Advertises post, C2You! – Step 2-4
  3. Minimum C2You! Involvement – Step 4

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