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What if 5 minutes now could change the course of your jobs search or career change in 2017?

Promotion January 2017: In just 5 minutes, you can schedule a 30 minutes online session with me. We can talk through your goals for 2017, get honest feedback,  receive tips to make sure you are on the right track for an incredible year. Book your session TODAY! Go to our webshop on our site www.c2you.eu and […]

Make your international assignment work for you

What is your most valuable asset in life? Well, our personal health and that of your loved ones. Your house, the place where you live, where your family has its home base. That’s what you would say, right? Turn your skills into employment potential International assignments improve skills and visibility in your business environment, enhancing […]

Make a move today!

Make a move today! –but make a move in your professional development that serves a strong purpose. Anticipation and preparation for future job contents and skills requirements are critical for you to succeed in finding and keeping jobs the coming 5 years. Next to hard skills and qualifications, employers will seek work-related practical skills which will […]

Quotas for new work permit applications 2016

On Tuesday, November 11, 2015, the Federal Council of Switzerland announced quotas for new work permit applications submitted during the 2016 calendar year. Although a majority of Swiss Cantons and social partners were in favor of increasing the quotas, the Federal Council considered that an increase would not be compatible with its objective to promote […]