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Fresh and current writing for a changing business community

  • Why are dynamic business writing skills more important than ever in our current climate?
  • What kind of writer am I when writing in my mother tongue and how do I need to adapt my writing for a wider audience?
  • Before putting pen to paper, what type of reaction am I aiming for and how can I achieve it through my writing?
  • How do I need to adapt my writing for business websites, blogs and social networking sites so that it comes across as current and fresh?
  • What improvements do I need to make to my business writing to ensure that my company’s expectations are being met?
  • What are the typical errors I make and what should I be looking for when proofreading my own writing?

Expected outcomes:

  • Have improved the structure and clarity of your business writing
  • Have a better overall understanding of your own English Business writing
  • Understand how better to read your audience
  • Have a better understanding of how style and tone can help you build better business relationships
  • Have developed your vocabulary in order to stay fresh and current
  • Have improved your email writing by understanding the basics of email writing in English
  • Be able to distinguish between formal and informal business writing
  • Have improved your ability to correct your own writing 



This workshop is presented in cooperation with our partner "Business English Solutions


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